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I don’t know about you but I look forward to those minutes (or hours) I can spend reading. I have a few favorite spots indoors and outdoors where I like to curl up with my Kindle. I’m always on the lookout for fun items that add to the reading experience. I thought it would be fun to share some of these on the blog.

Pick & mix from our list of items to create a unique reading experience personalised to you or a loved one if you want to gift an item or two 🙂 These all make good presents for book lovers.

Item List (Alphabetical)

🔹 Amazon Giftcard

🔹 Cushion Cover

🔹 Earrings

🔹 Journal

🔹 Mug

🔹 Pajamas

🔹 Quilt

🔹 Sign

🔹 Socks

🔹 Teabags

Here’s a short guide of sorts using all the items listed above to to help you have a fantastic reading experience in your happy place.


First, have your cushion with your awesome cushion cover so you have a nice comfy spot to read.

I don’t know about you but when I’m engrossed in a book I can find myself in some uncomfortable positions when I’m reading. Therefore, I usually like to have a cushion for my back.

Then, get cozy in book lover pajamas and cute ankle socks. Add some bling to the mix with beautiful charm earrings.

I’ve found that clothing & jewelry are a great way to express my love of books so I try to represent 😉

Be sure to boil your water for your cup of tea and don’t forget to read your quote 😉 Mix the tea in your mug (or this travel mug if you need a lid) then take it over to your favorite reading spot.

I discovered a love of tea in England (I know lol) so I enjoy trying new types of teas. I like to drink tea during the day as I work as well so a travel mug with a lid is definitely what I use.

Grab the quilt/blanket and your book/kindle/tablet before you snuggle up with the book you’ll now read.

I tend to get cold quickly so being warm is a priority for me. Being able to do so while being “covered with books” is an awesome way to combine my love of books with my need for warmth 😉

Finally, don’t forget to put up the sign so others know NOT to disturb you while you’re reading.

One of the worst things is to reach a really great part in your story and then be interrupted 😠😠😠. The sign won’t completely stop interruptions but you can hopefully train those around you to respect the sign 🙂

Reading Time!!

All set!! Lose yourself in a beautiful story!

Post Read

When you re-surface from the book world, spend a few minutes writing in your journal. Be sure to add the book to your “Read” list if you finished the book.

I’ve journaled quite a bit in the last 10 years. However, it’s only in the couple of years I became aware of journals specifically for book lovers and personalised to our needs. I was gifted a journal for 2021 but I’ll certainly be exploring reading-related journals.

Last but not least, choose a book from your To Be Read (TBR) List and purchase it with an Amazon Giftcard.

This one is pretty self-explanatory: Buy more books!!


Browse our list of 100+ free books and add some to your TBR list. Share this list with a book lover so they can enjoy free books.

I hope you enjoyed reading our list of items. Hopefully, you’ve found some items that work for you or would make good presents for book lover friends and family members.

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