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I started reading Karen Kingsbury books during my time at university and the first book I read was Oceans Apart (take the quiz here). This was definitely a fantastic introduction to the amazing books that Karen Kingsbury writes. I find that I often go back to those intial books I first read by Karen. Here are the 5 that made me shed tears as I read as I was sucked into the world of these characters and stories.

NB. I made sure I didn’t include spoilers for those who haven’t read these titles yet.

#1 Oceans Apart

Stand Alone

Max is great kid who lost his mother and finds himself far away from home spending time with Connor, his mother’s friend, and the man’s family. The special relationship between Max and his mum was precious to read. However, I cried to see how love and forgiveness shine through so strongly in this story. The actions of the characters to accept responsibility and choose to move forward together in love was also moving.

#2 A Thousand Tomorrows

#1 in the Cody Gunner Series

This has been my favorite book by Karen Kingsbury for over 10 years. With a rodeo theme, it introduces us to Cody a bull rider and Ali a barrel racer. There are a ton of stand out moments in the book as Cody and Ali’s relationship developed and grew. I pretty much cried my way through this beautifully crafted story.

It was awesome to see how both Cody and Ali became better people through their relationship especially Cody. Also, I enjoyed seeing the close bond forged between Ali and her horse, Ace. The human to animal connection is not one I read about often and I really appreciated how it enhanced this story.

#3 One Tuesday Morning

#1 in 9/11 Series

Jamie is married to Jake a firefighter and they have a little girl Sierra. The 9/11 terrorist attacks change this family’s life and in the aftermath; faith in God plays a remarkable role in this book as each character is transformed by God’s love.

The role that Jake’s journal played in this story is far-reaching as it spreads to encompass more than his immediate family. However, experiencing the story from Jamie’s perspective and seeing her incredible strength, love and compassion made me shed some tears as she walked through unbelievable circumstances.

#4 Ever After

#2 in the Lost Love Series

This is book 2 in the series and picks up the story of Emily’s parents Shane and Lauren who we learnt about in book 1. Most importantly, it introduces Emily’s own love story with the soldier Justin and their whirlwind romance.

This book had difficult moments for the main characters to walk out and I couldn’t help but shed a few tears particularly for Emily at the tragedy that the family experienced. Emily’s kind spirit that allows her to keep giving and serving in spite of everything was really special to read.

#5 Shades of Blue

Stand Alone

In Shades of Blue, we meet Brad who is engaged and preparing to start a life with Laura but realises he needs to get closure on his past with Emma, his first girlfriend, before he can move forward.

The story takes a deep look at a hard topic and examines how decisions can have consequences that stretch far into the future and how they shape the people we become. The part in this book that made me cry came near the end as Emma and Brad are able to have real, honest and open conversations. The realisations they discovered have stayed with me especially the meaning behind the name of the book.

Which Karen Kingsbury’s book has made you shed a tear? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear 🙂

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